Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heart Day Cookies

Oh how I love Valentines Day... and pictures!! haha Ashlee and I decided it would be fun to make some cute sugar cookies for the holiday to take to Sunday dinner that we go to every week with my family. It's probably about time we contribute something... haha It was quite the process and we both had more important things we should have been doing but that's okay. It was fun and we still got everything done! :)

So first of all... we didn't have cookie cutters or a rolling pin so we used cups for both. haha Ya gotta do what'cha gotta do!

Ash had to take a picture of this "leaning tower of dough" haha

The cookies might have been a little odd shaped and not the best looking but... they were still super tasty!

We decided to do pink and purple frosting... about as Valentines-y as you can get with food coloring! Oh, and pink sprinkles. There wasn't a lot to choose from at the store on Saturday night... it seemed like everyone else had the same idea as us! All of the cookie cutters and cute sprinkles were gone so we made do with what we had.

Frosting the cookies was funny. Ash refused to help with the decorating so she would just frost them and I was stuck with the responsibility of the art work (and we all know I have no artistic talent!).

Now placing the cookies on the plate was a whole other story. Ash and I were so particular with making sure they were placed in the right spot so that it wouldn't look funny. Ammon was laughing at us because we're both OCD and it seriously took us probably 5 minutes to figure it out and get it how we liked it. IT'S JUST A PLATE OF COOKIES!

Oh and how could I forget the special cookie for Bron. You guys might not find this funny but it is quite the hilarious inside joke. And look at the helmet I drew! That is about the extent of my talent. And I was even looking at a picture!

Valentines Day is always fun. With or without a Valentine. But with is definitely better :) This year, I happened to have one! And he happened to do one of the cutest things anyone has ever done! And it just so happens that it's a secret :) Now I've got you wondering huh? Oops! Sorry!

..miss ri..

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  1. Very Impressive!! That's all I gotta say. Very Impressive!! You cute lil valentine bums. Very Impressive!!