Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let the Holidays begin!

School is out, the snow has fallen, and it is FINALLY time for Christmas! To start off the season, Josh took me ice skating (or scating haha). It was quite the adventure! And we had so much fun.

Next on the list of Holiday Happenings consists of some MoTab and David Archuleta. My mom was able to snatch us girls some tickets. We were missing Lyssa but it was still so fun! What a memorable experience to come home to! After the concert, we ran (or hopped or marched or skipped or danced or shuffled) to the Gateway mall for a bit of some Christmas shopping. Poor Bridget is pregnant and was wearing heals! So when we were finally done with our shopping, Caramie and I scored us a ride on a decked out golf cart back to the car. That's where these pictures come from. Quite the event!

Okay... this next part is a secret! Don't tell my Dad! It's his Christmas present but me and Alyssa are so proud of it that I had to post it on here. The best part is, THE CLOCK WORKS!! Now hopefully he doesn't start randomly following my blog! ha Thanks for the help Lyssa!


So far my break has been great. I've got to hang out with my family the whole time and it's already snowed a ton! I'll keep my fingers crossed for a white Christmas.

..miss ri..

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  1. Ya! Dad better not start reading. LOL I am quite proud. :) you did a good job too. Stupid clock hands.