Thursday, July 26, 2012

A touch of life as Mrs. White

You would think now that I'm unemployed, I would be a better blogger. NOT! 
I just run more errands. 

Lately, my life consists of:
Switzerland chocolate. Still. And I am a-okay with that!
Shopping with the girls.
Having all of my belongings strewn through several locations and living out of a bag.
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.
Searching for some last minute things we need for our home. Thank you,! 
Trying to spend as much time with friends and family before we move 1000 miles away.

I will tell you one thing. Pay your tithing. :) You will get blessed by finding Victorias Secret coupons on the shelf at the store. 
Okay, I know that might be a bit of a stretch but I need to thank the fellow VS shopper who left their coupons behind for me to find. You bought me a free panty (for working out of course) and this new love of mine for a whoppin' $2.50.

Who wouldn't love that? But friends, this smell is honestly the bomb. You should not walk, but sprint to the closest VS and purchase some for yourself. I don't know how I haven't found it sooner! MMM!!

1 comment:

  1. Riley you are funny! I can only hope that paying my tithing will result in a new pair of VS undies! We're not ready for you guys to move yet :( Stay around and enjoy being Mrs. White for awhile longer please.