Sunday, May 27, 2012

my FIRST surgery

Oh boy.. this could be a long post. And no pictures. There is one picture on my moms phone but she is at church and there are a couple of pictures on my phone but you can access them on Instagram because I don't feel like waiting for them to email to my computer.

Here is how it all went down.

8:20 am   I take some Ibuprofen because I feel as though if I may be cramping (which has been a very common occurrence thanks to my IUD).

I lasted all day with this odd pain in my "lower right abdomen" which I figured was simply something to do with the IUD.

10:00 pm ish   I was feeling a bit nauseous and the pain was getting worse. Still, I dismissed it until I talked to Kel and we looked up the symptoms of appendicitis. Some were there but not many.

11:30 pm   We go to the ER. 

They took blood samples and made me pee in a cup. Always fun. But the worst was yet to come. I had to have a CT scan. They injected the contrast dye through an IV and rectally. Yes, through my bum. By far the worst feeling ever. Literally probably half of a gallon of liquid (or more) pumped into my intestines through my BUTT. 

Results came back and... they couldn't even find my appendix. After all of that, they wanted me to come back in the morning for an ultrasound to see if they could find anything that way.

11:00 am    I wobble back into the ER because now it hurts to walk. They do the ultrasound and still find nothing. Verdict is, they don't think it's my appendix but want to go in with a scope and check it out.

We transferred hospitals so our insurance would cover whatever happened. ANOTHER emergency room check in. The surgeon was in surgery so we waited two hours. Then it was my turn. I don't remember anything after the anesthesiologist told me that this part wouldn't do anything to me. Guess what? It did. I was out. 

I remember the lady saying "Riley... sweetheart.. wake up"   "Can you tell me where you are?" I told her I was in the recovery room at McKay-Dee. Then another lady said she saw my cute new husband out there waiting for me. That also got a reaction out of me. :) 

Next thing I remember was the nurses moving me from one bed to another. I thought I was dying. Ouch. My insides that had just been invaded did not agree with that. 

Then I wake up with oxygen in my nose, an IV in my arm, four new holes in my belly and my mom and that cute husband of mine by my side. 

SO...... my appendix was fine but they took it out anyways. Why not, right? The real problem was that I had diverticulitis. Look it up. Apparently I was born with it. Now I am all fixed and got to come home yesterday (Saturday). I might walk funny and I can't laugh without crying after because it hurts. Kelly makes fun of me but it's okay. I know it's out of love. :) 

Today, we are going to the cabin which is where we should have been all along. I will cross my fingers for a smooth ride because bumps hurt.

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