Wednesday, January 11, 2012


When I was in dental assisting classes, PPE stood for Personal Protective Equipment. For the sake of this post, it stands for Purple People Eater.

Prepare yourself. Following are pictures of my purple bedroom set. Purple.

Remember this post during the summer? Well it's happened. Actually, it happened a while ago. But now it's debuting on my blog. I'm letting you inside my room a little bit. It still needs a lot of work but once it was decided that I would be moving to Omaha, I quit adding decor and hangings and anything else that helps a bedroom feel a little more roomy.

Oh and.. all this cuteness will not be making the trek to Omaha. Sad... but my darling fiance laughs at it. He will NOT sleep in a purple bed. Or store his clothes in a purple dresser. Or even put his alarm clock on a purple night stand. Therefore, I hope to sell it. I just don't think I'll be able to get what I put into it...

Pretend you don't see all those cords. Just look at my bedspread and how stinkin cute it is!

Oh and.. curtains are purchased but I'm saving them for Omaha. I'm lame.

Now you have officially met the Purple People Eater. If you feel that it would be fitting in your home, let me know. Otherwise, it's going to stay at my mothers for a few years, all alone.


  1. Dear Sister, Um.. you need to set that boy straight. And, you need a lesson in wifery. Us Wifes ALWAYS I repeat ALWAYS get what we want. Kelly doesn't know what hes getting into telling is woman no.
    Just kidding. How much are you selling it for. Specifiallythe bedspread.